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ABC Awnings guide to spring – Townsville

Here at ABC Awnings, we consider ourselves to have to be quite the experts when it comes to the Australian landscape and climate.  This is essential, as after all we are in the business of dealing with the sun (or rather stopping it!!).  In today’s blog post, we will take a break from our traditional articles to educate our Townsville readers on what to expect in one of our favourite seasons of the year – spring of course! Continue reading

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Modernise your home with new blinds

If you are looking for an original and affordable way to give your home a fresh look while retaining its character, then why not consider installing some new blinds?  Blinds are a great way to dress up your windows and completely change the atmosphere of your room, while also being able to control the levels of light that enters the room.  In today’s blog post, we will take a close look at some of the different ways that blinds can be incorporated into your Gold Coast home.


When considering blinds for your home, you must remember that there are a wide range of styles that are available to suit any room.  If you have large glassed areas in your house, then Vertical Blinds and Roller Blinds are a wonderful choice.

Alternatively, if you are looking to cover a smaller window, perhaps a set of Roman Blinds or Venetian Blinds would be better suited.


A number of our blinds are able to be made using a variety of materials, including some alternative materials that are translucent and others that emulate the appearance of a natural wood finish.  We are also of course able to supply blinds in a number of traditional materials, including timber and soft fabrics.  To see an extended list of options, please take a look at our website.


When choosing your new set of blinds for your home, you will also need to consider what colour you should get that best accentuates the existing elements of your room.  Neutral colours are quite popular, as they seamlessly blend into the background of any room.  For those looking for something a little different then a range of warm and cool colours are suggested, as these colours give the room a bit of an edge without become too intrusive to the general ambience of the room.

In today’s article, we have explored some of the elements which you must consider when choosing your next set of blinds for your Gold Coast home.  If you would like to find out any more about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at ABC Awnings and Blinds today on 1300 767 756.

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Media Heroes install our beautiful Roller Blinds!


Here at ABC Awnings and Blinds, we have always had a very close relationship with our web marketing company, Media Heroes.  They are the wonderful company who are responsible for our web design and our SEO.  In today’s blog post, we will take quite a different spin on our normal articles by performing a case study on how Media Heroes came about installing our Roller Blinds. Continue reading

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Outdoor motorised awnings in Gold Coast

As families grow a cost effective solution to extending your living space is with motorised outdoor awnings. At ABC Awnings and Blinds we have an extensive range of innovative solutions made from high quality materials that are long lasting and come with a 5 year warranty.  We offer our customers elegant designs in a range of fabrics; this allows you to choose a style that will blend seamlessly with the existing design of your property.

Many modern properties have utilised large areas of glazing to create the open feeling of extra space, unfortunately the solar heating from the strong summer sun can create a ‘greenhouse’ effect in your property. Outdoor awnings allow you the flexibility to reduce solar glare in the summer to help keep your property cool, and at the same time make the most of sunlight during the cooler winter months. Unlike fixed veranda, awnings give you a dynamic solution you can utilise to your advantage in any season.

Classic designs and modern fabrics will protect your family from the intense penetration of the summer sun, giving you extra space outdoors to either extend your living space for eating or relaxing. Long term strategic use of awnings and blinds will help reduce your energy bills, as you have more control of the light and heat that enters your property.

Our motorised awnings  in Gold Coast are controlled by remote making opening and closing them a very easy simple process, the fabrics we use are all made from a high quality UV resistant and waterproof material, we even tailor our protective casing that your awnings are housed in to the exterior décor of your property to ensure they do not detract from the overall appearance of your home. If you would like more information or advice please contact one of our team today on 1300 767 756.

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Different styles of awnings for your property

Awnings not only offer solar protection for your home they add versatility to your outdoor living space. Our awnings are custom made as we understand not all properties across the Gold Coast will have uniform size and style requirements. The two most common types of awning are fabric and aluminium. Wether for your home or business there is a sunscreen option to suit your needs.

Fabric awnings

Our fabric awnings come in a range of modern Draylon, traditional fabric or a “shade-mesh” which is a see- through style of awning. All of our fabric comes in an extensive pattern and colour palate allowing you to find a style that suits your property. We manufacture both manual and motorised systems retraction systems. All of our fabric awnings come with a 5 year guarantee.

Your awnings will be contained in a protective casing; we manufacture our casings in a range of colours to match your guttering, facia and external décor. Stainless steel components are available for coastal exposure areas.

Aluminium awnings

Fixed Aluminium awnings are often considered the traditional choice. They can repel up to 90% of the heat, which would be transmitted if the window was exposed to sunlight. These types of awnings with their slimline architectural appearance are extremely effective, and perfect if you’re looking for a durable awning. Choose from traditional styles or sleek modern designs to suit your property. All come with a 5 guarantee.

Awnings will deflect a large amount of sun’s heat from entering your property making them one the ultimate solutions in sun protection. They also give you the necessary protection from the sun and rain, you can take total control of your outdoor living space with protection from the elements.

Contact our team of a full colour and style list.

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Different styles of blinds for your home

As another summer has come and gone we can now take the time to sit back and reflect on just how hot it really was, and how we might be able to avoid such heat next time it gets extremely warm.  One of the most popular ways Queenslanders are choosing to protect their home from the heat is to install custom awnings and blinds Cairns.  Today’s blog post will explore the different styles of blinds that are available, and analyse how they will benefit your home.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a very popular shade solution that is used to protect large areas of glass from the heat of the sun’s rays, whilst also creating a privacy screen from nosy neighbours.  Renowned for its sleek lines and aesthetic looks, the blinds are able to be constructed in a number of modern designs from a variety of materials, including our ever-so popular ‘woven wood’ finishes.

Venetian Blinds

For those looking for a more simple design that can be used as a shade solution for even the smallest windows in your home, try considering our wide range of venetian blinds.  Venetian blinds are perfectly suited to homes across Queensland as they are able to easily and effectively control the amount of light that enters a room.  No longer will you strain to see through the afternoon sun and its blinding rays with a functional venetian blinds system in your home.

Roman and Roller Blinds

Both Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds are extremely popular in modern homes which are looking to create a stunning solution to create shade and privacy in their homes.  The blinds functionality is only surpassed by its beauty, with a wide range of woven materials able to be chosen and custom made to suit any Queensland home.
In today’s blog post, we have explored some of the different designs and styles of blinds Cairns that are suitable to any home in Queensland.  If you would like to enquire further about anything you have read today, don’t hesitate to give our professional team at ABC Awnings and Blinds a call today on 1300 767 756.


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Different Styles of Window Shutters

Those who live in Queensland know that there’s nothing harsher than an Australian summer.  Whether it is the sweltering conditions or the unpredictable weather, Queenslanders have come to develop a love-hate relationship with their famous climate.  The constant quest to escape the sun has led Queenslanders to go to the extremes to escape the heat, installing bulky systems that are expensive and intrusive on day to day life.  Our team at ABC Awnings and Blinds have developed a wide range of window shutters Gold Coast which allows Queenslanders to escape the heat in style.

There are many different styles of window shutters that have been developed to give our clients a choice on how they would like their home to look and feel.  For those customers who are looking for a versatile and stylish option for their home, we would recommend that they look at our range of traditional window shutters.  These window shutters have been designed to be fixed, sliding, folding or on hinges, depending on the area of the home that they are fitted.  These shutters allow you to control the light and allow a breeze to flow through your home.

Alternatively, those who require shutters that offer more of a sense of privacy tend to be drawn to our range of plantation shutters.  These plantation shutters can be fixed either vertically or horizontally depending on your requirements.  They come in a wide range of colours and materials, including timber and composite polystyrene.

If you are looking for a new and stylish way to escape the sun while retaining your privacy, you should definitely consider our wide range of window shutters Gold Coast.  Our team at ABC Awnings and Blinds are able to advise you on the best style for your home or office.  For more information on how to stay out of the heat this summer, contact our team by phone on 1300 767 756.

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Custom Made Awnings for Cafes

As the weather begins to warm up in South East Queensland, so begins the annual migration of tourists to the Gold Coast.  Long renowned for its beautiful weather, the Gold Coast has become somewhat of a tourist hotspot over the years.  People come from far and wide to enjoy the sun, the surf and the relaxed atmosphere that the coast has to offer.  It’s no surprise that at some point everyone needs a break from the heat, and the perfect location is the local cafes lining the strip.  Our team at ABC Awnings and Blinds have made it our mission to provide these cafes with the perfect awnings Gold Coast.

While you might find yourself asking what the best awning is to use for your cafe, the real answer is that there isn’t a single set in stone solution.  At ABC Awnings and Blinds, we offer a wide range of awning solutions depending on your needs.

The traditional solution is to incorporate an aluminium awning to your cafe. These awnings are built to be sturdy, and can be considered to be the ‘workhorses’ of the awning family. Their unique ability to block over 90% of the sun’s light is definitely a drawing point for cafes looking to upgrade their awnings Gold Coast.  With the options of multiple powder coats and mechanical retraction systems, it’s no wonder that these have been a best seller for many years.

Alternatively, cafe’s looking to take a more modern approach to shield their customers from the sun should consider one of our customised fabric awnings. Whilst not as powerful at blocking the sun as their aluminium counterparts, these fabric awnings easily make up for it with their ability to be extensively customised.  With the choice of traditional fabrics, semi transparent meshes, colours and sizes, fabric awnings have become a popular choice for businesses looking for a practical and aesthetic solution.

If you are looking to brand your cafe with custom made awnings, don’t hesitate to talk our team here at ABC Awnings and Blinds via phone at 1300 767 756. With our amazing range of awnings Gold Coast, we have no doubt that your cafe will turn into the place to be this summer.


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Reduce Solar Heat Gain with Roller Shutters

A cool home is a comfortable home, which is why it is wise to invest in roller shutters Gold Coast for your property. Sunny days might be enjoyable when you have the time to be out and about, but if you are sheltering indoors from the heat then your home may become unbearably hot. Roller shutters from ABC Awnings and Blinds can help to keep the heat off of your glass, and can prevent your windows from magnifying the heat of the sun. When you are looking to lower the temperature at home, look no further than a professional roller shutter installation from our expert team.

You may not want to feel the heat in your home, but you can use this solar energy to bring some shade to your property and reduce solar heat gain. ABC Awnings and Blinds can provide SolarSmart powered roller shutters from the specialists at CW Products; Australia’s premier supplier of roller shutters. By using solar panels to harness the energy produced by the sun, these shutters can be operated automatically, making it much easier to open and close your shutters. This use of solar energy also makes SolarSmart shutters a cost effective choice for homeowners and commercial clients alike.

Roller shutters can provide unbeatable window protection throughout the seasons. Even on cloudy days, you will still benefit from a roller shutter installation, as adding one of these systems to your property can dramatically increase its security. These security benefits, along with their heat-reflecting properties, help to make roller shutters a great investment.

The roller shutters Gold Coast supplied by ABC Awnings and Blinds are quick and easy to install, and require no hard-wiring. This means that there is no need to call in an electrician to fit your new shutters. A choice of colours means that your shutters can match the style of your home, whilst our affordable prices mean that investing in new roller shutters will never be beyond your budget. Why not contact our team today to learn more about this effective way to reduce solar heat gain?

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Perfect Blinds for Solar Shading

As the summer months arrive, homeowners across the Gold Coast will be venturing out into their gardens to enjoy the glorious sunshine with friends and family. Here at ABC Awnings and Blinds, we supply an excellent range of awnings and outdoor blinds Gold Coast that are designed to protect your outdoor living space from excessive sunlight exposure whilst providing you and your friends and family with somewhere to escape the blistering heat without having to return indoors.

Here at ABC Awnings and Blinds we have a wealth of experience in the blinds and awnings industry, so you can trust us to deliver an exceptional service and a finished product to match when you choose our professional team to meet your needs.

With an extensive range of materials, colours and patterns to choose from, all of our outdoor blinds can be designed and manufactured to your specific requirements. So if you have specific style ideas, our dedicated team can bring them to life. What’s more, with a professional installation you can be confident that your new blinds will add genuine value to your outdoor living space.

Whilst it is important to ensure you have a shaded area in your outdoor living space so that you can enjoy spending time in your garden without direct sun exposure, it is also a good idea to invest in some quality blinds for your windows to keep your indoor living space cool during the height of summer.

During the hot summer months, temperatures can become unbearable and your home can act as a place to escape the blistering heat. However, if the sun is glaring directly into your home, indoor temperatures can become very uncomfortable. At ABC Awnings and Blinds we have a wide selection of vertical blinds to choose from that can effectively block out sunlight so your home remains as comfortable as possible.

If you are seeking ways of effectively keeping your outdoor or indoor living space cool this summer, here at ABC Awnings and Blinds we have an excellent range of blinds Gold Coast that we can design and professionally install for you. For more information feel free to call our friendly team today on 1300 767 756.

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