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Ziptrak® SolarSmart™ Automated Window Blinds

Ensuring your property is kept free from the glare and heat of the blazing sun is of the highest importance to guarantee you and your visitors are kept cool and comfortable throughout the day. Often the most effective way of achieving this is through the installation of automated blinds Gold Coast and whilst the advantages are clear to see, the energy used by such products can often result in a negative impact on your electricity bill and carbon footprint. Here at ABC Awnings and Blinds we have the ideal solution in the form of Ziptrak® SolarSmart™ automated window blinds.

The Ziptrak® collection has long been regarded as one of the most innovative blind systems available in Australia, so teaming this with the advanced technology of SolarSmart™ means easy to operate blinds are complimented by the use of solar technology.

This product benefits from a stylish and wireless remote, giving you discreet control of the blinds at the touch of a button. In addition, the motor is guaranteed for 5 years so you can rest assured that both the installation and device itself will be of superior quality.

Functioning through the use of solar energy, the solar cells are placed either on the blind pelmet or near to the blind and work by charging a hidden battery which in turn surges energy to the motor without tapping in to your existing electricity supply, therefore making it both a green and cost efficient choice for all.

Perfect for homes, cafes, restaurants and retail outlets, a Ziptrak® SolarSmart™ window blind system will be a welcome addition to your property thanks to the array of colours and styles available in both contemporary and classic designs.

If you would like to know about how the professional and helpful team here at ABC Awnings and Blinds can supply you with a reliable, cost efficient and highly stylish Ziptrak® SolarSmart™ window blind system, simply give us a call on 1300 767 756 or search our website for further information on our extensive range of window blinds Gold Coast.

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